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Speedo 38 - Heavy Duty Cutt Off / Chop Saw and its Accessories Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

heavy duty cut off machine 38
heavy duty cut off machine 38 uses
heavy duty cut off machine 38 uses


heavy duty cut off machine 38
heavy duty cut off machine 38 uses
heavy duty cut off machine 38 uses


Change Chop saw into flexible shaft buffing I grinding machine with in 3 minute & have two machines in one investment. Flexible shaft length available from 2 to 6 meter. Avail cutting as well as buffing, polishing and deburring facility with standard accessories.

About Chop Saw

A chop saw is a simple, yet powerful cutting machine used widely in metal cutting. If you are looking for a saw that has a tremendous amount of raw power, then it is difficult to beat a chop saw.

A chop saw is a machine tool with a rotating abrasive wheel axed on a hinged arm that is brought down onto axed workpiece to make the cut. This power saw is mainly used to cut off workpieces into the size and hence it is also called a cut-off saw or parting-off saw.

You will clamp or hold the workpiece onto the saw table. Switch on the cutting blade (abrasive disc) using the trigger on the handle and pull the head down. Bring the abrasive disc onto the workpiece and pass it through. Keep the on/off trigger pressed until the cut is completed and brought out of the workpiece.

So, what exactly are the main uses of a chop saw? For starters, one of the main uses of chop saws is to cut metal. The chop saw has the power necessary to cut through various kinds of steel pipes, sections, RCC bars, etc. This is achieved by using an abrasive disc that rotates at very high rpm. Because of its power, a metal cutting chop saw can cut through metal quickly, enabling you to cut through huge volumes of metal in a single session.

Following are some of the most common uses of chop saws :

  • To cut steel bars, pipes, and channels or various sections to the required size.
  • Widely used in construction work
  • You can use a chop saw for jobs that require cutting a large number of pieces to the same length. For example, fencing.


Should I buy a Chop Saw?
Chop saws are highly useful for the metalworking, construction, and remodeling jobs. if your job involves cutting a lot of metal rods, pipes, etc. then it is worth buying. If you don’t already own one, I would definitely recommend that you add a metal-cutting chop saw to your collection.
» Conclusion
I can’t stress enough how useful chop saws are. If you ever need to cut through something tough in a timely manner, then a chop saw is simply the best option available. Plus, because it’s so effective at cutting through metal, it makes a variety of home improvement projects much easier.

Advantages of Speedo 38 heavy Duty Chop saw / Cutt-off

  • Heavy duty
  • Increased life of wheel / more productive
  • Decreased maintenance down time
  • Continues operation cycle
  • Very less decrease in speed during cutting
  • Decrease of electricity bill ( effi. -90-95%)
  • Powered by Induction motor so absence Of Carban brush, Armature and standing coil
  • Initially investment more but very economical for long term
  • Backed by 30 years of Machinery mfg. Experience

Get Free From Repairs

Get Free From Repairs

  • Conventional Chop saw as Armature, Carbon brush, Standing Coil frequent replacement
  • Break Down (more no of parts)
  • Less Productivity, More Electricity Bill
  • Short working cycle (got warm)
  • More wheel consumption
  • Speed drop on load
  • V belt slippage and many more

What id difference between Speedo38 and all other Chop saw / Cutt-off

Most of the chop saw (cut off) grinders which are available and in use are of Universal motor / belt driven.


Model Speedo 3830 Chop saw Speedo 3840 Speedo 3820-S (S.Ph.)
Motor - HP / KW / Volt / Hz 3.0 Hp / 2.25 Kw / 3 Ph / 415 / 50 4.0 Hp / 3.0 Kw / 3 Ph / 415 / 50 2.0 Hp / 1.5 Kw / S.Ph. /230 / 50
Wheel Size 355 x 25.4 x 2.8 / 3.0 355 x 25.4 x 2.8 / 3.0 355 x 25.4 x 2.8 / 3.0
Capacity Pipe 115 X 115 115 X 115 80 X 80
Solid 30 X 30 50 X 50 20 X 20
Speed 3800 Rpm 3800 Rpm 3800 Rpm
Dimension 365 W X 450 L X 450 H mm 365 W X 450 L X 450 H mm 365 W X 450 L X 450 H mm
Weight 32.00 Kg 33.00 Kg 32.00 Kg

Extra Options : You can select from following
1) Standard model with rotary on-off Switch
2) Can be available with On-Of NO-NC contactor
3) can be available with DOL Starters
4) Accessories for use as flexible shaft Grinder buffing Etc.